Mow & Sow

One person CAN make a Difference


Mow & Sow was founded in 1995 by Donna Sheehan of Marshall, CA.  Her activism was ignited by the unnecessary and indiscriminate spraying of toxic chemicals on the road side, by CALTRANS.  That road side was her berry picking zone, and her berries were being poisoned, along with California poppies and other native plants.

For ten years prior to 1995 she worked under the name of MOW! as a grassroots community organizer educating her community that there was a viable alternative to the use of pesticides. 

Using civil disobedience along with legal action, the community stopped CALTRANS from spraying and MOW! then joined with other environmental groups to pressure CALTRANS  to complete a statewide Environmental Impact Report (EIR).  The final EIR vegetation control program offers a refreshing statement in favor of reducing or eliminating herbicide use along the state's highways.  

Mow & Sow was born from Donna's grassroots activism.  Her years of struggle and the loneliness she felt at first was replaced with satisfaction of being at the leading edge of a public awakening.  

A great personal satisfaction comes from knowing that one person, like Donna – who is shy of speaking in public and with no previous political experience – CAN make a difference.

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Mow & Sow is a California 501(c)(3) non-profit organization  There is a lot more to the Mow & Sow history and continuing work toward a sustainable future.  Click the link below to learn more.

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