Get Some Gear and Go!


Gear Up

Each recipient will receive a pair of running shoes, 2 sports bras, and registration fees for your approved 5k, 10k, half-marathon, marathon, or triathlon.

Participation Requirements

In order to receive your gear and registration fees, each participant is required to commit to volunteering at an approved running event as well as an approved community or environmental cause event.  

You have the choice to volunteer before or after your big race day. If you are new to running, we encourage you to volunteer for a running event before your big race day to help you better understand what your big event might look like, as well as how important volunteers are for these kinds of events.

After you volunteer, you are required to reflect on each event and share some information or pictures with The FERN Project.

Apply Now

Thank you for your interest in The FERN Project.  The deadline to apply was November 20th.  We are currently fundraising and writing grants for our next round of participants.  Please check back often for updates on upcoming opportunities.

Gear me up

Participant's Path to Success